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News: What Even Is Parks And Recreation?

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3/28/2019 12:00:00 AM  Jessica Fulton 

It might look like all fun and games, because...’s a lot of fun and games. BUT it’s not ONLY fun and games. It is so much more than that.

Hi Folks!
Jessica Fulton the Recreation Director here!

So what even is Parks and Recreation?
It’s more than a swing set, more than a soccer field, and more than a sports program.

The Parks and Recreation Department exists to create opportunities. We create opportunities for you to learn something, do something, make something, meet someone new or enjoy yourself with someone you’ve known forever and always.

What do you get when you have a group of people learning things, doing things, making things, making new friends, and enjoying time with the ones they love? A community. Parks and Recreation creates opportunities for the community and  we spend our time planning what your next opportunity might be.

So please, when you watch your child running around kicking a soccer ball, or are pushing them on the swings; if you’re snuggled up on a park bench with your arm around the cutie you met in high school math 20 years ago or were listening to your  widowed mother talk about what a great time she’s been having since she joined up with the senior citizen‘s group; know that somewhere along the line that The opportunity to enjoy that experience was created in part by a parks and recreation department. Once you know that; take a look around and see what other opportunities are knocking at your door courtesy of parks and Recreation.

So how do we make all of this happen? Keep on reading. At the most recent Town Board meeting, the Town Board unanimously adopted a Vision/Mission statement that put onto paper and made completely accessible to the public what the Department of Parks and Recreation needs to consider as we create opportunities for you and ask you to join us to help create opportunities for others in this community. 

Town of Wappinger Department of Parks and Recreation
Vision Statement: 
     Our Vision is to offer recreational programs and services for all ages designed to connect our community, enhance the quality of life and health of our residents, and strengthen our environment and local economy.
Mission and Statement of Purpose:
     The Department of Parks and Recreation is responsible for promoting our community through its people, parks and programs.  In the Town of Wappinger, the Department of Parks and Recreation helps to improve the quality of life. Public parks and recreation are the gateways to a healthier, more livable community. The Department of Parks and Recreation is responsible for the recreational, educational, and other community uses of the Town's parks and community spaces and facilities, including Carnwath Farms (96.9. acres), and its open spaces. 
     Department of Parks and Recreation offers and manages a variety of recreation programs and activities for people of all ages and interest. The Department plans and organizes special events, summer camp, sports programs; senior trips, youth classes, senior programs, and exercise, health and enrichment activities for all ages.  Department of Parks and Recreation provides rewarding and enriching experiences for the residents of The Town of Wappinger.  Annual special events in Wappinger include: Easter Egg Hunt; Independence Day Celebration; Summer Concert Series; Memorial and Veterans Day Ceremonies; Craft Fair; Community Day; Trunk or Treat; Christmas Tree Lighting, etc.
     Everyone needs the opportunity for self-enrichment, adventure, fellowship and quiet reflection. The Town Board and its staff are dedicated to providing recreational opportunities in a safe and inviting environment. The primary MISSION objectives of the Department of Parks and Recreation are to:
  • Strengthen Community Image and Sense of Ownership and Pride through engagement and participation;
  • Promote Health and Wellness;
  • Foster Human Development;
  • Evaluate Community needs and adjust programs and events according to appropriate community feedback and needs assessments;
  • Coordinate opportunities for resident actively to participate in parks and recreation through volunteering;
  • Increase Cultural Diversity through recreation and community programs and experiences;
  • Provide a meeting place and enriching curriculum for our Seniors;
  • Park facilities and recreation programs should contribute positively to an individual's leisure;
  • Promoting Arts and Culture throughout the Town; and
  • The Department of Parks and Recreation will strive to provide meaningful recreational opportunities and quality facilities that allow for meaningful leisure, but ultimately it should help Wappinger residents develop healthy attitudes towards leisure and active lifestyles that will contribute to long, healthy, happy lives!
     Administration is an important function within this Department. This includes Town Hall staff, website maintenance, activity registration, and accounts payable. Lastly, Administration coordinates the Seniors’ 501c3 fund. It is responsible for communicating and coordinating with the Town’s Recreation Committee, [Arts and Culture Committee – draft Charter has been prepared], and with the Town’s Building and Grounds Department. 
     The Department of Parks and Recreation is not responsible for the repair and maintenance of our Town’s parks and facilities. This is the responsibility of the Department of Building and Grounds.