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Please make sure that all medical information is up to date for each member of your household. 

At the bottom of your account information, there is a “required document” section. Not all documents are required for all activities.  We do however recommend, that the head of each household upload a proof of residency at the time of account creation. This will help prevent any problems with qualifying for the lower rate offered to Wappinger Residents for most activities. If you attempt to register for an activity at the resident rate but do not have a proof of residency uploaded to your account at the time of the recreation department’s review of your registration, the non-resident fee will be added to your account as an outstanding balance. 

Outside of the proof of residency, certain documents are only required for certain actions. You will be reminded which documents must be uploaded or updated as you register for programs and activities.

Creating an account is a one-time event that allows you to utilize this system. It is not a registration by itself.
  1. Enter the primary adult first.
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