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T'ai Chi Chih

Tai Chi Chih
T'ai Chi Chih
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     T’ai Chi Chih is a relaxing, gentle practice which balances and circulates the body’s chi, or energy. Its movements help to improve balance, build stamina, and strengthen muscles. Please join us for our weekly T'ai Chi Chih class taught by out accredited instructor Rosemarie Hallenback.
     T'ai Chi Chih is Joy through movement, a moving meditation. It is a series of 20 simple movements that are relaxing, easy to learn and do, and joyful. The movements are slow, gentle, and can easily be done by anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.
     T'ai Chi Chih movements are done standing, but benefits can also be gained from doing them while seated. They involve no physical contact, but rather emphasize self awareness, well being, and energy flow. The movements require only a few feet of space so they can be done almost anywhere. They have a peaceful yet refreshing effect. Tensions dissolve and are replaced by heightened energy and relaxed awareness.