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Recreation Committee

Made up of a group of caring and committed volunteers from our community, the Recreation Committee focuses on ways to increase our offerings to town residents, whether adding events or athletic programs. In addition, they work to support existing events and come up with new ideas to enhance them as well. The committee meets the first Wednesday of each month (may be subject to change) and additionally if necessary. Committee members also attend town recreation events as well.

Staff Details

Ralph Holt

Bruce Lustig

Lisa Spinelli

Randy Ross

I joined the Recreation Committee in 2017 on the request of Ralph Holt. I worked with him, and other committee members, on Community Day and was quite impressed. I aim to help all members of the Wappingers community by improving senior services, children’s activities,access to parks and helping to coordinate Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Community Day. I believe community members of all ages deserve to feel their town cares about their needs and aspirations. I hope to continue working with the Recreation Committee as it makes the town of Wappinger a place to live and grow.
Robert Wilson

Mike Barrett

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